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When it's not enough

When it's not enough to give,
not just a piece of your heart,
but everything it ever carried-
hopes, dreams and aspirations.
When it's just not enough,
to be there when twilight falls,
sometimes, until midnight;
and you wonder if it's worth the walk.
When you've laid in your sleep,
thinking, maybe this is it,
maybe, this is where the good life is,
where the sun glows
and you keep walking,
just giving your heart, mind and soul,
and suddenly the hope disappears,
the curtains are drawn,
your chapter is closed,
everything has changed.
You still sit,
when is it ever enough?

A painful wake-up call

The year 2012 ended on a very grim note for India as a whole. There is grief that still engulfs the entire nation. That too at a time when we are to retrospect, think, resolve, thank or change if need be. The frightening story of the gang-rape on the 23-year-old woman at Delhi has left any sane citizen of the country, scared, disturbed and confused. It is not like rape has never happened before, or that crime against women is anything new. But the severity with which the story surfaced has left us all shaken. There has been an outcry on the issue like never before. We know for sure that the majority of us have been deeply affected by the incident. What kind of human really inflicts so much cruelty and terror on another human being? The gang-rape story has left us all baffled. What has gone so wrong with our upbringing and our system of education, at home, at school or at the social level? Is it because our parents, our teachers, our social and religious leaders, our politicians, our la…