A New Chapter

Our lives are akin to books filled with episodes of experiences, which, they say come from lessons learnt along the way. For everybody across the world, a New Year marks the beginning of many things and events that goes around throughout the year. It is a time where we make up our minds and resolve to do, or not to do things.
The dawn of a New Year is a special occasion for many people because it is also looked at as an opportunity to begin afresh, which is why making new year resolutions has also become a consistent tradition that continues to draw interest. The good thing about it is that resolutions only carry the finer things that we wish to add to our broken lives.
In other words, no matter how badly broken we are, somewhere deep down, each one of us desire to become a person of worth. The New Year gives us this golden opportunity to mend our ways, even if it means we are trying to do it out of tradition.  
Starting today, I believe we have set our goals, or at least thought about defining some of it and that, through the year, we will endeavour to accomplish them as strong as we remember to keep it intact in the first few days of the year.
May the steps we take today mark the beginning of a new chapter and just as we fill the first few pages with renewed zeal and enthusiasm, may we continue to press on towards the goal that we may define in our own simple ways, but always with the spirit of goodwill that motivates oneself to rise higher and grow as a person.
May the good resolutions we make today not only last a day, a week, or a month but the whole year through until we learn to keep the old bad habits behind, ready to take on another challenge. May the goals we set for ourselves this year not only be confined to ourselves but that, in trying to reach them, we may also carry with us the joy of living and the spirit of forgiveness, without which, the value of life is incomplete.
May we become perfect ambassadors of love, peace and joy and willingly extend these gifts to someone who may need it! To exemplify the life we wish to see around us and be the leader of our times, a trendsetter of good deeds and of rich values. Not to be ashamed of taking the road less travelled, to pursue what is right and to guard it with your life.
As we begin a new chapter in our lives, may we be the living hope for our children and the kind of people whom they can really look up to. And more than we write our own chapters, may our names find spaces in the books of those we touch as we live from day to day.
And may we never fail in our human duties to shower kindness along the way as we set out to fulfill our dreams, our aspirations, our plans, our visions and all that we’ve hoped for this year to bring. 


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