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A New Chapter

Our lives are akin to books filled with episodes of experiences, which, they say come from lessons learnt along the way. For everybody across the world, a New Year marks the beginning of many things and events that goes around throughout the year. It is a time where we make up our minds and resolve to do, or not to do things. The dawn of a New Year is a special occasion for many people because it is also looked at as an opportunity to begin afresh, which is why making new year resolutions has also become a consistent tradition that continues to draw interest. The good thing about it is that resolutions only carry the finer things that we wish to add to our broken lives. In other words, no matter how badly broken we are, somewhere deep down, each one of us desire to become a person of worth. The New Year gives us this golden opportunity to mend our ways, even if it means we are trying to do it out of tradition.   Starting today, I believe we have set our goals, or at least thought about …