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To Women, the Beautiful Species!

She carries her strength in places they never knew existed; in the confines of adversity where hope fails and fate twists. She is the image of beauty; the wonderful creation of God, whose natural gifts blesses a home. She is the face of love that naturally fits into a child’s life. Traits so inherent in her from small, girlish days, it stays with her through and through. She is the love’s eye that cares for simple, little things in life. That she sprinkles kindness in the steps that lead her. And she enjoys affection as much as she loves giving. She is the symbol of the softer side of humanity that her touch has the power to heal. Hurts and wounds that find us in many circumstances and leave us yearning. She is the song, the perfect music that fills many empty hearts, and she, carries with her, a heart that cries easily, but always because she cares too deeply. For people, for strangers, for children, for things miles and miles away. She’s always got emotions running high on her, and s…

Friends Forever

I remember making my first friend in Kindergarten; how in sheer innocence we held hands and walked to school together. And then my neighbourhood playmate, from whom, I probably started learning Tenyidie. One can never forget special ties that result from playing, learning and working together- friends you’ve made in your childhood, in high school, in college, in your work place, or in all the unassuming places. The amazing fact is that you don’t agree upon becoming friends in an instance of meeting a person for the first time. But along the way, you get connected and you eventually realize they are special people, holding special places in your heart. That’s how we start bonding with friends, who, sometimes become larger and bigger than family. And for reasons too sweet, I am sure, at some point of time, we had also sworn to be friends forever, or perhaps thought in our minds to keep this bond alive come what may! But it’s also true that some of them go away, but not without leaving a …