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You are Special

It's a special feeling when you know people are thinking of you. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of effort to smile. It comes naturally when your mind is filled with lovely things. It could be a remembrance from the past, some memory you are really fond of, or some proud moments you have had. It could be a note from a dear one. Maybe a simple sms when you actually wanted to do was frown on some ugly turn outs.

Things from afar are precious things. It's quite odd to think so but distance sometimes has a way of bringing many smiles. Perhaps it takes miles to make things work when it doesn't play well otherwise. And of course when someone is already dear like they say, distance sure makes the heart grow fonder. When you are away from home, far from all the family hassles and home activities, there comes a time when you begin to wonder if you will ever survive without your folks. This is especially true when you dearly hold them close to your heart…